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China sourcing data

Anti-deformation Wash Mesh Bag


Additional information


30*40 cm 45g, 40*50 cm 65g, 50*60 cm 90g, 60*60 cm 120g, 22*33 cm cylindrical 55g, 17*15 cm bra bag 120g


100% polyester fiber


Cellular network


White+grey zipper

Zipper material

Zinc alloy+pp

Temperature resistance


Ph value (4.0-9.0)

6.4 qualified

Washing size change rate (%)

Horizontal +1.2, straight -1.2

Color fastness (grade)

Qualified Grade 4-5


OPP bag (customizable)

Product features


Product advantages

1. The honeycomb-shaped mesh has regular holes, good water permeability, and it is better to clean when rubbing against clothes.
2. The seams are tight, and the internal interface is reinforced with edging.
3. Because the honeycomb mesh has a hexagonal structure, it is firm and stable, not easy to deform, has good toughness and resilience, resistance to pulling, good endurance, and long service life.
4. You can use clothes that are easier to shed hair.
5. The outer coarse mesh inner fine mesh, two-layer mesh, soft and hard dirt-resistant clothing can be washed, the difference is the coarse mesh or fine mesh on the market, the function is two-in-one.

Product disadvantages

1. The clothes are loaded and washed separately in different shades and washed separately.
2. The capacity should not be too full or empty, about 80% is enough.
3. The zipper is well hidden to prevent the zipper from scratching the clothes.


In-depth factory inspection reports

Two markets data

China market data
us market data


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