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China sourcing data

3-piece Baking Pan


Additional information




Carbon steel


9.5in 410g, 13in 723g, 15in 890g


0.8mm (crimping thickness 0.6cm)

Heat resistant

280°C degrees


Color box

Product advantages

1. Heavy-duty three-layer carbon steel, strong, thick, durable, temperature-resistant and non-deformation, uniform heat conduction.
2. Use the special Xynflon coating for baking pans, bid farewell to chemical coatings, and stay away from heavy metals such as PFOA, cadmium, and lead.
3. The curling edge is widened and thickened, smooth curling treatment, smooth and flat, smooth surface texture, easy to demould, easy to clean, and wear-resistant.

Product disadvantages

1. Do not wash in the dishwasher.
2. Do not burn dry.
3. Cannot be used for open flames.
4. Improper use will cause rusty deformation, coating peeling.

User attention

1. Before use, please clean the mold and wipe it dry with a soft cloth before use.
2. After use, please use a soft cloth or soft plastic scraper to remove the residue and clean the mold.
3. It can be baked at low temperature to evaporate water (it is recommended to control the temperature within 100 °C, and bake for 5 minutes).
4. Do not use high-temperature steam for cooking or cleaning (such as dishwashers with high-temperature running water impact).
5. Do not use sharp metal products, scouring pads and chemical cleaning agents to wipe.
6. It is strictly forbidden to hit hard and use knives to cut and damage the surface.
7. Please store the product in a cool and dry place. Please minimize exposure to acidic foods.


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Unfortunately, all the products are with firm prices by Bystie. But we can negotiate with suppliers when you order a large quantity of products. 

Yes, it is possible. you can order one piece of the product as a sample, but you need to pay the international fee. For the small quantity of products, you can contact your Bystie agent for more details.

Yes, you can definitely do return and refund for the purchased products. But situations may vary based on your products, suppliers and shipping status. So you should contact your Bystie agent for more details.

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