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Free but effective sourcing plan

Inquiry evaluation

Bystie will evaluate your business ideas in terms of manufacturing, supplier stability, competition across major online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Ebay and Shopee. Finally, a report would include the pros and cons of choosing the product and suggestions and potential risks.

Find potential suppliers

Bystie will screen out 3 suppliers at least who produce the exact or highly similar products

Cost breakdown

Bystie will breakdown all the estimated cost such as product cost, shipping, sample order shipping and QC that help you manage your business in a better way.

Market analysis

Find similar products across platforms and give the analysis of the whole market to assist you to find your value proposition and know how to set your price more wisely.

Logistics plan

Bystie will suggest you on the shipping method from China to your destination, and also list out all cost to favor you to make a decision.

Inventory suggestion

Bystie would suggest you with the most reasonable inventory quantity after consideration of manufacture status, platform inventory restriction and shipping status.

Business advice

Bystie will do all the research and communication with various suppliers and stakeholders to produce a report where you can find all useful information regarding your business.

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