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Bystie diamond


More advantages of Diamond sourcing plan

Colloect competitive products

Bystie will find the most qualified samples to fit your demand, and will research at least 3 similar products that potentially compete with your product. Bystie will list out their pros and cons comparing to your product and ship them to you if neccesary.

Negotiation on your behalf

There are many occasions that need a solid and effective communication, you may be able to understand and even use the local language to connect with suppliers and various service suppliers, but you must be unaware of some frauds and culture difference. Bystie will 100% represent you to discuss with all of them in favor of your business benefits and keep thransparency among all stakeholdes.

Product quality inspection up to 50%

Bystie will hire labor to open 30% to 50% cartons to examine each product by following quality standards designed by Bystie and its partners. After a proper quality check, Bystie will deal with suppliers to exchange defective products till all products passing our QC.

3 months free storage

Bystie is offering free warehouse to our partners for 3 months. If you are looking for storage over 3 months, we only charge 5 dollars per CBM by every month. For most partners, they are able to consolidate all their products to ship out. This will save shipping and port processing fees.

International shipping with competitive rate

Bystie has years of experience in dealing with various carriers and is familiar with international shipping process. Working with Bystie, your products will be shipping either by air or by fast ships with competitive shipping rate. Also, we are doing our best to cut hidden fees.

24/7 agent support

As long as you contract with Bystie, a professional agent will be assigned to you, the agent will be your coordinator and service supplier till the end of the project.

Main responsibilities

  • Daily communication
  • Photos, videos to clients for product quality, price transparency and Key KPI
  • Project management including manufacture supervision, solutions for problems and dealing with import and export files
  • Transparency execution

E-commerce photos (7 minimal product images)

Bystie has been inviting commercial photo experts and using the most advanced camera (Canon R5) to produce high-quality images.


Bystie will write bilingual contracts include all terms and conditions to each party. Especially, Bystie will amend each paragraph to make it more suitable to specific projects and products. Also, based on experience, Bystie will list out all potential risks.

Dispute solutions

In case, there are disputes between clients and any third parties. Bystie has a process to solve these problems. Bystie will try at least 4 methods to help our partners.

Basic Coverage

Inquiry Evaluation

Bystie will evaluate your business ideas in terms of manufacturing, supplier stability, competition across major online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Ebay and Shopee. Finally, a report would include the pros and cons of choosing this product and suggestions and potential risks.

Find potential suppliers

Bystie will screen out 3 suppliers at least who produce the exact or highly similar products.

Cost breakdown

Bystie will breakdown all the estimated cost such as product cost, shipping, sample order shipping and QC that help you manage your business in a better way.

Market analysis

Find similar products across platforms and give your analysis of the whole market to assist you to find your value proposition and know how to set your price more wisely.

Logistics plan

Bystie will suggest you on the method from China to your destination would be more beneficial, and also list out all cost to favor you to make a right decision.

Inventory suggestion

Bystie would suggest you with the most reasonable inventory quantity after consideration of manufacture status, platform inventory restriction and shipping status.

Business advice

Bystie will do all the research and communication with various suppliers and stakeholders to produce a report where you can find all useful information regarding your business.

Sourcing Problems


No transparency


No appealing images


No risks control


No professional consultants


Partners come from major online platforms

Case Study

Sourcing problems:

Bystie solution:

Diamond Plan and customized services based on LA needs.


Revenue grows by 36%
profit increased by 16.3%
Reduced sourcing cost by 11.2%

Revenue Comparison

Customized Services