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10 Chinese sourcing and wholesale websites, 2021

October 30, 2021

Shanshan Pei Leung

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Alibaba is not the only sourcing choice

When we are heading to find suppliers, Alibaba would always be our one of top choices. As a sourcing expert who knows both sourcing cultures. I have to say that there are many specified sourcing websites with diverse market segmentations. For example, if you are running a fashion business. Alibaba may not be the best and the only choice, there are some small to medium China apparel sourcing platforms you can try out.

Two things you need to do before checking all the websites

But there are two conditions that you ought to be aware of,

1, All the sourcing websites only have one language version-Chinese, which means you need to use an on-page translation program like Google Translate.

2, All the websites are based in China, you may need to use VPN to check them.

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10 sourcing and wholesale websites in China, 2021

1. Eelly 

China clothing sourcing website

Recommendation: 4 stars

Category: Clothing for men, women, children, and other accessories.


Eelly is a sourcing platform mainly focusing on fashion apparel. You can find almost all clothing categories including men, women, children, etc. here is the screenshot of its homepage. And I have translated the page into English, but the translation has messed up the layout of the homepage. Hopefully, you can get a basic sense from it.


1, the products are very trendy and popular. And all sellers are verified by Eelly platform. You don’t need to worry about the after-sales service.

2, Eelly offers dropshipping and wholesale services, so you can definitely take advantage of them. Start your online fashion business with lower investment.

3, they have live shows by all days, this is more direct for you to check details of any product you are expecting from the source. Also, you can contact the seller individually and arrange a video call to get more information about the product.

4, better quality in products and better after-sales service.

live show center
live show


1, language and culture barriers.

2, Eelly has no international shipping methods.

3, you probably need to hire a Chinese agent like Bystie to help you out.

4, listing price is higher, and it targets middle-class customers.

2. 17zwd

women's clothing China sourcing website

Recommendation: 5 stars

 Category: women clothing

 Briefing: 17zwd is based on various clothing markets around China. Now, it has included all the markets in Hangzhou and Guangzhou, which means 17zwd becomes the biggest clothing distribution center in China, and there are many clothing manufactures around these cities. And you can find almost everything you need about clothing. Besides, you can download images without any watermark to develop your business. In a word, you can see all the latest clothing products on this website and get various support from it.

Various markets in China


1, all the stores on this website have offline stores in different clothing markets in Guangzhou and Hangzhou. So, it is more trustworthy.

2, prices are very competitive.

3, you can see almost all the new styles and colors from this website.

4, you can get sourcing files from any store and be promoted to contact the seller by an individual method like WeChat. It’s more direct and transparent.

price transfer from RMB to USD


1, although prices are lower, you can not be sure about the real hand feel and quality of products. Because images can be photoshopped and retouched.

2, 17zwd has no support to foreign customers, so no international shipping and language support.

3, there are too many features on this website, you really need to understand certain Chinese to have successful sourcing. Otherwise, you need to find a China sourcing agent.



use google translate

3. WSY

Recommendation; 3 stars

Category: Men’s clothing and a small portion of women’s clothing

Briefing: is an online sourcing platform mainly focusing on men’s apparel. This site connects many offline clothing markets across China. It covers the clothing markets in Hangzhou, Shishi, Zhili and Dalang. These cities are all well-known cities where clothing manufactures are located.


1, has covered many men’s styles rather than concentrating on women’s clothing. So it is different.

2, is based on real clothing markets and all sellers have offline stores. So sellers are more experienced than the ones who only have online stores.

3, you can get sourcing support and materials such as product images for free. So it would be friendly for the drop-shipping business entrepreneurs.


1, relatively speaking, this website has fewer sellers and limited influence on the market, which means you wouldn’t find the product you want.

2, there is no much feedback from buyers and distributors. So you would have very limited resources and data to help you make a decision.

3, has no English and international shipping for foreign buyers. So you have to solve these two problems all by yourself.

4, Vvic

women and men's China sourcing website

Recommendation: 3 stars

Category: women’s, men’s, and maternity clothing

Briefing: is an online clothing sourcing platform that connects many famous clothing markets across China. Although it has limited sales, it is a great place to catch the latest fashion trend, also it supports a search based on images, this allows you to find the targets much easier.


1, is more inclusive in terms of categories. It covers women, men, and maternity. You can get more choices on this platform.

2, this platform is based on real offline clothing markets, so it is trustworthy as you can find all contact information on store pages including phone numbers, WeChat, and even websites.

3, all stores offer various supports to their partners from sourcing files to sample orders.

women and men's China sourcing website


1, has no rating display, which means you can not get any third-party data to determine the product quality of stores.

2, this website has no English version and international shipping service, so you need to hire a sourcing agent to find products and deal with suppliers.

5. Toybaba

toys sourcing website

Recommendation: 4 stars

Category: toys and accessories

Briefing: is the biggest China toy sourcing platform, it has multiple features that can bring benefits to its users, such as new products launch, live-streaming of products, and various small to medium size toy exhibitions.


1, it is No.1 toy sourcing platform out of Alibaba, and it concentrates on toys and accessories, so you receive much more professional sourcing services.

2, It has a cover-all category of toys, you can almost find all types of toys on Toybaba.

3, Toybaba guarantees to offer the lowest price across the web, so you will get competitive sourcing prices from Toybaba.

toy sourcing website
promise the lowest price across the web


1, it has no support to foreign users. There are no English version website and international shipping services.

2, The website is misleading, as the layout is very old and messy, you would take a lot of time to learn how to use it.

6. 91jf

sourcing website of home textile

Recommendation: 5 stars

Category: Home textiles

Briefing: is a professional sourcing platform for home textiles. There are three reasons to say so: 1, it invites many China domestic home brands onto the platform and allows them to post individual contact to connect with customers. So it’s more transparent. 2, It covers more sub-categories like blankets and mattresses. It redirects users to where they are looking for quickly. So the sourcing platform is more functional. 3, it has various transaction protections, you can order scam-free.


1, is based in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, which is the biggest home textile market in China. You can get almost all types of home decoration on the platform.

2, it supports the drop-shipping model and welcomes resellers and agents to be representatives.

3, the price is super competitive, you can also negotiate with suppliers on the final rate when you order a large quantity.

4, most of the sellers have registered own brands, meaning they are more serious and professional in production. And the products are more reliable compared with the ones produced by small and home-based manufactures.


1, there are no support for foreign buyers, no English version, and no international shipping service. You need to hire a local sourcing agent for your business.

2, product images and videos can be less reliable and real, as sellers can use Photoshop and other image retouch software like photoshop to beautify pictures, so you need to confirm with the suppliers on details


cosmetic sourcing website

Recommendation: 5 stars

Category: Makeups


NALAW is a professional cosmetic distributing platform. It has many cosmetic brands, but most of them are focusing on China and South Asia markets. All the sellers on the platform are supporting resellers in various ways such as issuing selling privileges, sourcing materials, and competitive sourcing prices. Also, you can source from many well-known brands with lower prices that allow you to make profit later on.

cosmetic brands on Nalaw


1, NALAW guarantees counterfeit-free. For cosmetics, customers are more concerned with whether they are from true brands or not. So you can get sales license from various brands. This can promote your sales.

2, NALAW has many transactions with real comments, so you can refer to them to make the decision.

3, it has a very large product bank and most of them are brand registered. So you can your sourcing target easily.



1, it has no English version and international shipping services. You need to work with a local agent to move forward.

2, it has a super strict verification process that requires you to have a business license and a WeChat account. It is complex.

NALAW cosmetic sourcing website

8. Hznzcn

women's clothing sourcing website

Recommendation; 3 stars

Category: Apparel for women, men, and children

Briefing: connects the manufactures based in Hangzhou and Dongguan. These two cities occupy more than 95% clothing market share in China. You can see more styles and get to know the latest sourcing news.


1, it can be a sourcing benchmark website and search for specific items.

2, it relied heavily on offline stores. And this platform has several stores across Guangzhou. If possible, you can visit the stores and try new styles.


1, Similar business models.

There are many other websites with the exact same business modes. So you won’t get much more useful information from it.

2, Limited shopping comments

For over 95% percent of listing products, there are no comments, which means no more active buyers and visitors visit the platform.

3, Limited sellers

4, Counterfeits and Infringement. Some products that have used some design can be regarded as brand infringement. Like print Mickey on Sweaters.


9. Bao66

bag sourcing website

Recommendation; 5 stars

Category: Bags, purses, wallets

Briefing: is a professional sourcing platform for bags, purses, and wallets. It connects almost all areas where bag manufactures are located. Also, it delivers many new styles on a daily basis at competitive rates. Finally, this platform can be a great source to find and contact root suppliers for bags.



1, it covers a series of bag categories, you can find many new styles on the platform.

2, offers buyer protection and avoids scams from happening.

3, The listing prices are from 1-10 USD, and you can gain a large profit.



1, offers limited product selections, this is a niche market with relatively slow progress.

2, there is no English version website and no international shipping services. So you need to make them work all by yourself. It could be challenging and time-consuming.

Baby sourcing website

Recommendation: 5 stars

Category: Products for baby

Briefing: is a professional sourcing platform for baby-related products. The most advantageous feature is that it brings hundreds of thousands of brands from different countries and China domestic brands as well. So you can achieve various aims by visiting this website.



1, you can reach many brands and types of products without going to different websites. This platform enables you to discover new products.

2, Counterfeit-free protection

Babyzhiai guarantees the supreme quality and authenticity of all products. It sets a strict verification process to make sure things go well.

3, it offers a competitive sourcing price for all products and also assists you with various privileges such as sales rights and sourcing files



1, it has a strict verification for new registration, you need to have a business license and other proof to get your pass to the backend of the platform

2, it targets Chinese business sellers, so the service is very rare to foreign buyers

3, foreign buyers have to conquer the issues of language and culture to get more valuable information and business relation on the website.

Wrap up

1, beyond Alibaba, there are many other useful sourcing websites in China, you may not need to get products from all these platforms, but you can definitely refer to them to get more and accurate sourcing information.

2, there are more and more sourcing platforms concentrating on niche markets with better product selections and industry sensitivity, you can definitely take advantage of them and do comparison with the stores and products on Alibaba.

3, unfortunately, all these sourcing websites are not friendly to foreign buyers as there are no English version websites and international shipping option, so you’d better work with a local sourcing agent to make things happen. This could be challenging to you.

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